I don’t usually post photos here that I didn’t take myself, but I think I can make an exception for family!

These were taken by my great-grandfather, who was a police officer in Quebec during the 1940s.  My grandparents could not exactly remember what the photos were for, but we believe that they were part of an investigation into local used car dealerships that he was working on.

To me, this is one of the most compelling reasons why I shoot film for my personal work.  Almost 70 years later, these images are still accessible to us just by looking at them - good luck opening a RAW file from today in the year 2083!

For the nerds:  These aren’t great quality scans since I had to do them on my flatbed at home.  I’m still not sure what film size they are - my local lab said it was neither 120 or 620 so it wouldn’t fit in their scanner.  They said the only way to do it professionally would be to send it off for drum scanning, which starts at $35 per negative!  I passed on that, needless to say.